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Logitech Surround Sound Speaker Z506

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Тонколони, Logitech Surround Sound Speaker Z506
Logitech Surround Sound Speaker Z506

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Х-ка 1Multiple inputs let you set up your system the way you want to. Connect your PC, game console, iPod, DVD player and more.
Х-ка 2You’ll hear it all around you as your speakers give you rich, immersive surround sound – even from two-channel sources – with 3D Stereo.
Х-ка 3With 75 watts (RMS) of power, your speakers are powerful enough to fill the room with sound – and even rattle a few windows.
Х-ка 4Deep bass brings your music, movies and games to life.
Х-ка 5You’re in command with the dedicated bass controller – dial the bass up or down to customise your listening experience.
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Производител Logitech
Цвят черен
Код на производителя 980-000431

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