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Стол, Fury Gaming chair, Avenger XL, White

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Стол, Fury Gaming chair, Avenger XL, White
Стол, Fury Gaming chair, Avenger XL, White

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Максимално натоварване, кг150 kg
Регулиране на височинаSeat height: 126 - 136 cm, Adjustable seat height:46.5 - 56.5 cm
Ширина на седалката37 cm
Дълбочина на седалката50 cm
Височина на облегалката84 cm; Backrest width: 55 cm
Регулируеми подлакътници-
Заключващ механизъм на облегалкатаAvenger XL is equipped with an advanced mechanism that allows you to lock the angle of the chair in any position
НаклонAdjust the inclination of the backrest, get ready to fight and hit your opponent with even more power
Люлеещ механизъм-
Газов амортисьорAvenger XL has been equipped with a high quality, class 3 gas lift that supports up to 150 kg of static load, making the structure reliable, stable and comfortable for a long time
Ергономичен дизайнThe basis of the Avenger XL model is a strong and ergonomic design that guarantees high durability and comfort
Регулируеми възглавнициTwo pillows, upper and lower - The task of the lower one is to support the spine in the lumbar. The second pillow under the head is supposed to help maintain the correct position, but at the same time provide convenience and comfort during everyday use
МатериалSeat upholstery is made of high quality breathable material with white accents and carbon-style eco-leather
Тегло, kg15.8 kg
ДругиFury Avenger XL has special rubberized wheels that glide on any floor smoothly and quietly, protecting surfaces from scratching
Гаранция24 месеца

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Производител Fury
Цвят черен и бял
Код на производителя NFF-1712

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