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Периферия за игри

Периферия за игри: джойстици, геймпадове, волани.

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  1. Sight Fighter PSX

    Sight Fighter PSX

    11,41 лв.

    • Game pad for all Sony PlayStations
    • 8 direction movement for split second response
    • 10 buttons to control the latest games
    • Lightweight construction
    • 180cm cord for optimal freedom
    • Just plug in and have fun
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  2. Gamepad GM-1150

    Gamepad GM-1150

    15,01 лв.

    • Digital USB gamepad for enhanced gaming experience
    • 8 directions movement pad and 8 fire buttons
    • Solid construction with perfect grip
    • Extra long 2.5 meter cable
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  3. PSP Powered Case GM-5200

    PSP Powered Case GM-5200

    19,81 лв.

    • PlayStation Portable protective hard case with integrated rechargeable battery pack to extend the playtime by 1 hour
    • Top cover made of durable, transparent polythene to protect your PSP and its LCD screen even when you are playing
    • Integrated universal battery charger with 4 rechargeable 2000mAh NiMH batteries included
    • Foldaway stand for a slanted backwards position providing optimal viewing angle for videos
    • Headphone connection accessible with closed cover for optimal protection when listening to music
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  4. Joystick Predator XK 100

    Joystick Predator XK 100

    20,41 лв.

    • Joystick for PC
    • Analogue direction movement
    • Four fire buttons to control the latest games
    • Switchable auto fire function
    • Easy Plug & Play connection to game port
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  5. Gamepad GM-1200

    Gamepad GM-1200

    24,01 лв.

    • Digital USB gamepad for enhanced gaming experience
    • Ergonomic design with rubber coating ensures optimal comfort with solid grip
    • 8 direction movement pad, 2 large fire buttons and 6 additional action buttons
    • Turbo (repeat) function individually programmable for all 8 buttons
    • Throttle control wheel with on/off switchable auto centering function
    • Extra long 2.5 metre cable for optimal freedom of gaming
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  6. Multi Gamer Switch

    Multi Gamer Switch

    26,05 лв.

    • Four way gamer switch
    • For easy switching between gamepad, joystick, and steering wheel
    • Connects up to four game controllers to one game port
    • Suitable for all game controllers with a standard 15-pole plug
    • Cable included to connect to computer
    • No power needed
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  7. Joystick GM-2550

    Joystick GM-2550

    30,74 лв.

    • Digital USB joystick
    • 12 fire buttons, 8-directions 'point-of-view' hat switch, throttle and rudder control
    • Ideal for flight simulators and aerial combats
    • Accurate stick control, throttle lever and 3D handle
    • Conveniently positioned pinkie button providing rapid fire function
    • Solid, heavy base with suction cups for best stability
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  8. Joystick Predator SV 85

    Joystick Predator SV 85

    34,34 лв.

    • Joystick for both left and right hand users
    • Analogue direction movement with autocentering function for accurate control
    • Two ergonomically designed fire buttons for fast action gaming
    • Throttle for complete speed control in flight sims
    • Stable base with non-slip rubber pads
    • Easy Plug & Play connection to game port
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  9. PSP Battery Pack PW-2992p

    PSP Battery Pack PW-2992p

    41,18 лв.

    • External rechargeable Li-ion battery with high capacity (2800 mAh) to extend the playtime of your PlayStation Portable with up to 5 hours
    • Fully charged within 4 hours; equipped with integrated battery power tester with 4 clear charge indicators
    • Equipped with a stand to view your PSP movies from a convenient angle
    • Powered and charged via the original power adapter of your PSP
    • The external battery and the battery of your PSP can be charged at the same time (parallel charging)
    • Can also be used to fully charge the empty battery of your PSP on the road
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  10. VibraForce Feedback Sight Fighter 850F

    VibraForce Feedback Sight Fighter 850F

    44,06 лв.

    • Digital USB powered gamepad
    • 8 direction movement pad, 6+2 action buttons, throttle and self centering rudder
    • Two independent high power VibraForce motors
    • Fully compatible with Direct-X Force Feedback in games
    • Extra long 2.5 metre cable
    • Solid construction
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Артикули 1 до 10 от 13

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